Our Vision 

Our students and graduates will consider GREAT CAR DRIVING SCHOOL, a reliable leader in quality and view us as nothing but the less but the very best in providing and working with them to aspire and achieve their goals to form their future.

As the driving forces behind Great Car Driving School we will share an enthusiastic interest in making our Company the best in our field and enjoy the pride and security that only a successful driving school can provide.

We will always conduct our school and business in a lawful and socially responsible manner. We will be known for our exceptional safety practices and achievements, both in the work environment and on the public highways to ensure maximum safety to all. As our motto goes, ” safety comes first”.

Our Mission 

We will contribute to ensuring full success and satisfaction by providing reliable, responsive, efficient and a completely safe service. Our principal goal is to work with all aspirants to get their G Licence to the fullest and best of Great Car Driving School’s ability to get this goal accomplished. Together we will Aspire – Together we will Achieve

The Driving Force Behind Great Car Driving School:

Manjit Pannu

Holds more than 15 years of experience in personal vehicle training industry